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AQUAMASTER® is our proven solution for water resource management and a variety of other applications – from agricultural irrigation and water conservation to oil and gas containment and mining.

  • Lighter weight for more cost-effective transportation
  • Wider widths which mean fewer seams
  • Factory prefabrication for faster and easier installations
  • Extra strength to provide added resistance to tears and punctures
  • Exceptional hydrostatic resistance and heat seaming weldability
  • Impressive UV resistance
  • Custom colors
  • Base : HDPE woven
  • GSM : 250-300
  • Tensile Strength : 135 KGF
  • Outdoor Life: 3 years
  • Water Resistance : Lifetime

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  • Agriculture (Aquaculture), Coal/ Ash Remediation,
    Construction (Geomembrane Solutions),
    Mining, Oil and Gas, Water Management, Roadways,
    Soil embankment, Retaining walls